Validity Of Unregistered Agreement To Sell

4. Let Mr. A or anyone go to court to get a particular remedy, and whether Mr. . B to present for sale the agreement, more precisely the period mentioned therein, as well as three legal communications sent to Mr. A., public notices published in popular and English newspapers, then the court cannot render a favorable judgment in favor of Mr. A. 4. If the buyer does not sign up to terminate the contract, you can take legal action to ask them to respect the contract and pay the balance of 20 lakes. Section 17(1A)[1] of the Registration Act 1908 provides that “documents containing counterparty contracts shall be recorded for any fixed asset within the meaning of section 53A of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, when they have been executed on or after the commencement of the Registration and Other Related Laws (Amendment) Act. 2001 and such documents are not registered on or after such a commencement, they have no effect for the purposes of Article 53A. This section of the Registration Act expressly states that if the contract of sale is not registered, it has no effect for the purposes of section 53A of the Transfer of Property Act 1882. This means that a sales agreement that is not registered cannot be admissible as evidence. Article 53A of the TPA deals with the partial performance in which a contract of transfer for pecuniary consideration between the contemptuous and the assignor and the assignor who has taken possession of it or already possesses it, is held in part by the contract and the assignee has done or is willing to do something in part of the contract, the performance of its part of the contract is then excluded from performance against the assignee.

The main purpose or intent of this section is to prevent the assignor from taking advantage of the non-registration of the document. 1. The contract was valid at the time of its conclusion, but in the circumstances, the seller`s legal heirs cannot be held responsible for the execution of the deed of sale, as the seller has done everything he can to show his will and willingness to comply with the contract. The sales agreement is not valid. He has no witnesses. Unless both parties say that this agreement applies, no one can verify that this agreement is valid, legal and even that it has been executed. It was not recorded or signed by witnesses. The reimbursement or forfeiture of the amount depends on the condition of the agreement. 1. The unreg registered sales contract is not valid.