City Of Hamilton Union Agreement

Box 13: F.1-11 1989-1994 F.6-8 1990-1992 General correspondence from the City Unit on the following topics: City CAO Reprimand of Local 5 members for non-performance of work, Local 5 harassing employers for harassment of members, revoked CAO retraction, performance evaluation information, Hamilton Civic Charity Committee Minutes, Child Care Task Force Minutes, The practice of promoting employers, reduction, unemployment insurance Section 25, Job creation, negotiation and conciliation programmes, the organization of school follow-ups, the maintenance of urban roads and memoranda of understanding. 29 (1) Before January 1, 2001, for the purposes of section 20 of the Public Sector Labour Relations Act, 1997, the transition committee may enter into an agreement with the leaders of collective agreements representing workers in a former municipality to change or not to change the number and description of bargaining units for which agents have bargaining rights. And the agreement is binding on the city, as if it had been concluded by the city. 1999, approximately 14, Ched.C, p. 29 (1). (a) monitoring decisions taken by former municipalities and their local bodies, which could have significant financial consequences for the city and its local bodies; and (2) Subsection (1) also applies to members of the Hamilton Police Force and persons considered municipal employees within the meaning of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act 1997. 2000, c. 5, see 3 (5). 2. The contract will not come into force until the end of the day, 11.12 (1) The city may provide by statute that no person may operate a passenger transportation system in the city or in an area of the city designated by the statutes, unless the person has the right to do so under this division or the city. 2000, c. 5, see 3 (4).

11.11 (1) Subject to the Public Vehicles Act, the city may establish, operate and maintain a passenger transportation system within the city and between each point in the city and every point outside the city, including a point outside Ontario. 2000, c. 5, see 3 (4). Box 5: Agreements reached for various other indigenous people and other trade unions. .