Ballpark Agreement

* FORCE MAJEURE EVENTS. The appeals set out in the above sentence are the exclusive remedies in the event of cancellation of a match or withdrawal of access to the Ballpark due to an event of force majeure. The deal does not include investment group Moreno, which has entered into a separate deal to purchase the 153-hectare area of the Angel Stadium area as part of a multi-billion dollar development. This separate agreement with the Angels is intended to formalize the team`s commitment to remain in Anaheim until 2050, with possible future options. It aims to protect the city if Moreno ever sells the angels and maintains the development, setting penalties if the team leaves the deal prematurely. The penalties are quite severe, starting at $300 million and then decreasing every year the agreement is in effect. A Ballpark number is a rough numerical estimate or approximation of the value of something else unknown. Ballpark numbers are often used by accountants, salespeople, and other professionals to estimate current or future results. A stockbroker could use a Ballpark number to estimate how much money a customer might have at any given time in the future, given a certain growth rate. A seller could use a Ballpark number to estimate how long a product a customer has thought of might be profitable. The second six-month agreement between the Portland Diamond Project and the Port of Portland for the “Terminal 2” site north of the city`s Pearl District on the Willamette River expired Wednesday.