Which Countries Signed The Marrakesh Agreement

(2) Least developed countries recognized as such by the United Nations should make commitments and concessions only to the extent that they are consistent with their individual development, financial and commercial needs or administrative and institutional capacities. What a great start to 2018! January brought the good news that legislators from three different parts of the world gave the green light to the Marrakesh Treaty for people with disabilities. Once the legal instruments have been filed with WIPO in Geneva, citizens of 30 other countries will be able to benefit from the pioneer treaty. The texts reproduced in this section do not have the legal status of the original documents, which are entrusted and retained to the WTO secretariat in Geneva. 1. This agreement may be adopted by signing or other means by the contracting parties to the 1947 GATT and by the European Communities which, under Article XI of this agreement, may have members. This acceptance applies to this agreement and to the multilateral trade agreements attached to it. This agreement and the annexed multilateral trade agreements come into force on the date set by ministers in accordance with paragraph 3 of the final act, the date on which the results of the uruguay round multilateral trade negotiations are included, and may be adopted for a period of two years after that date, unless the ministers decide otherwise. The adoption after this agreement comes into force on the 30th day after its adoption. 1. Any WTO member may submit a proposal to amend the provisions of this agreement or the multilateral trade agreements in Schedule 1 by presenting this proposal at the Ministerial Conference.

Councils covered by Article IV, paragraph 5, may also submit proposals to the Ministerial Conference to amend the provisions of the corresponding annex 1 multilateral trade agreements, which they operate. Unless the Ministerial Conference decides on a longer period, any decision by the Ministerial Conference to submit the proposed amendment for member approval is made by mutual agreement for a period of 90 days from the formal presentation of the proposal at the Ministerial Conference. When paragraphs 2, 5 or 6 are not applicable, this decision determines whether paragraphs 3 or 4 are applied. When consensus is reached, the ministerial conference immediately submits the proposed amendment for member approval.