Social Security Agreement Australia Germany

the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, with the exception of Article 11, when it comes to the national insurance administration; 1. Subject to paragraph 2, work-related disability pensions are paid under Cypriot law under this agreement with respect to disability that occurs while a person is insured under this legislation and is employed in a profession that applies for the purposes of this legislation. 2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1 and unless otherwise provided, the legislation of Australia and Italy does not contain laws adopted at any time for the application of a social security agreement. The agreement does not affect the treatment of diplomats and consular officials under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Relations. 2. The competent authorities may extend in writing, for each worker, the four-year period covered in paragraph 1, point d), for a maximum of two years. 1. For the purposes of this part, the competent authorities may apply in writing: this agreement (with the exception of Part II) does not apply to specific social security schemes that concern civil servants and the merchant navy which are governed only by the provisions of Article 5 of this agreement. (c) the information transmitted is kept only for the duration necessary for the purpose for which it has been disclosed; It is important to ensure that the destruction of social security information does not harm the interests of those concerned. (b) the agreement deals with reciprocity in social security or ageing; and two. For Australia, a reference to a benefit covered in paragraph 1 refers to a pension, benefit or allowance payable under its social security legislation.

The Department notes that, since the signing of the Agreement, the legislation of both parties has been amended, which has an impact on the interpretation and implementation of the Agreement. 5. Data transmitted under this section may not be disclosed by the recipient without authorization and may only be processed or used for the purposes of implementing this agreement or the legislation to which it applies. Disclosure of this data by the recipient for other purposes is permitted under the law of the contracting party receiving the data, provided that such data serves social security purposes, including related legal proceedings. However, the contracting party receiving the data is not prevented from transmitting it if the laws and regulations of the contracting party require it for criminal or tax matters. In all other cases, disclosure to non-section 16 agencies is permitted only with the prior approval of the entities that transmit them. (b) deduction of this Italian benefit (including the Italian Integration Allowance and/or social benefit and family benefit for dependent pensioners) from the maximum rate of the Australian benefit; and four. This agreement also applies to the laws and regulations of one party that define new social security systems or branches, subject to written notification from the competent authority of one of the contracting parties to the competent authority of the other party.