Section 106 Agreement Northampton Council

The models follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Transportation`s document below and serve as a final guide to meet Landratsamt`s expectations: the Landratsamt Development Management Department provides an annual report on developer contributions and Section 106 for education, libraries, firefighters and relief. These reports allow the county council to be open and transparent with the work carried out and the means guaranteed by the development process: new residential areas in Northamptonshire are having an impact on existing county services. This could be done in the form of increased traffic on our roads or other students attending schools. The document was officially adopted by the cabinet in January 2015 as a borough council policy. Planning obligations are the mechanism by which agricultural developers contribute to the provision of facilities and infrastructure that support Northamptonshire`s growth. These planning obligations are covered by a document known as the Section 106 Agreement. This section will be regularly updated to include all upcoming annual reports once they have been finalized. This document provides clear guidance on the borough council`s approach and ensures that new developments play a fair role in providing the infrastructure and services needed to facilitate and support new communities. We expect developments (both commercial and residential) to develop travel plans as part of the planning process in Northamptonshire.

The goal is to achieve modal transfer targets in the county. The following models present the desired structure and content of the travel plans expected for approval and approval by the borough council. In order for Landratsamt services to continue to operate effectively, it is often necessary for developers to contribute to the Landratsamt`s infrastructure. This can be in the form of money or physical work. The following explanations explain the status of the document as a regional council policy and clarify how the document is applied: For more information, please visit the website. As a result, certain elements that were provided for under the planning obligations (section 106 agreements) provided for by the DOCUP can no longer be requested in this way. The table below shows all or part of the elements of the SPD. We also manage work on a major event.- This is an example of Silverstone Circuit to show how data fusion in the oneTRANSPORT platform can enable the development of new solutions that benefit circuit visitors, the local economy and people who use the surrounding local and strategic routes during busy race days. For more information on this offer, please contact: As of April 1, 2017, VAT is levied on certain elements of local research. It is not a development plan document or a complementary planning document.

It is designed as a technical document informing the Landratsamt`s responses as legal advisor: our planning department can provide copies of the following documents: Public Health (including contribution to social provision for care of the elderly) (5) Strategic leisure infrastructures identified in the infrastructure provision plan (without provision arrangements necessary to directly meet the needs of a development site). These fees apply from April 6, 2009 until further notice. More needs to be done to harness the potential of new technologies, to better leverage network capacity and to enable all users to make smart decisions to reduce the negative impact of travel. This is exactly what we are doing in Northamptonshire by developing the smart Commuter concept.