Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Worksheet Ppt

Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement Worksheet 3 Name: Do whatever you need to do to choose the pronoun that matches its predecessor. Many good answers sound wrong and vice versa, but you can`t even expect it. Make sure you can explain your reasoning in conjunction with one or more rules in your notes. ___1. Groucho and Chico and Harpo were up to (his, their) usual ants in a film called A Night at the Opera. ____ 2. In the films of the Marx Brothers, either Groucho or Chico (his) stunning on the screen. ____ 3. The ridiculous eyebrows of Groucho and foxy slouch have (his, their) place in the history of comics. ____ 4. Her dirty skirt and mobile cigar also brought (her) share of laughter. ____ 5. Chico, in his adult jacket, or Harpo, in his oversized raincoat, has his own style of comics.

____ 6. In the original comedy team, Groucho and Chico and Harpo were accompanied by Zeppo, a fourth brother who worked with him. Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement Additional Practices 1 Highlight the precursor of each selection and selection, then turn around the pronoun that matches its predecessor. 1. Does everyone in the room remember (his, their) lines? 2. If anyone finds a case of glasses, please deliver to the Lost and Found Office. 3. None of the boys could find (his, their) way without a compass. 4. Every student in our class has made (being, being) make the picture for the chronicle.

5. In our forest, each bird builds its own nest apart from the cat bird. 6. Dan has always admired a person who can keep (his head, his) head in an emergency. 7. When you finish one of these magazines, will you lend me (she, she)? 8. Every member of our family has (his) favorite television comedy. 9. The Committee disagrees on the next step. Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement Worksheet 1 Name: Write an A on the predecessor for the selection of the pronoun in parentheses, then write S or P next to the sentence number to indicate the singular or plural.

Finally, you turn the pronoun that corresponds to its predecessor. S__1. A reporter spoke to Ms. Bea Zwackafter (she, her) house was hit by a tornado. S__2, Jack Zwack spent most of his time cleaning the yard. P 3. Nick, Mack and Patty Zwack remain with (his neighbours, their) neighbors for now. P 4. The Zwacks now have a healthy respect for tornadoes and (their, their) power. S__5. The journalist finally submitted (to her, her) order to the editor of the newspaper.

S__6. The newspaper showed tornadoes on (its) front page. P -7. Subscribers who have read the story and seen the images realize that (he) may have been the victim of the storm. P 8. A mature person is responsible for his actions. Be careful with unspecified pronouns if they are precursors. Singular Indefinite Pronouns (remember?) each anyone anyone someone has no person nobody something: no one wants to let go (his, their) ideas.