University It Service Level Agreement

The types of repairs for which we offer a service through The Helpdesk are: For reactions to incidents, the objective of the department is to assign and validate requests within 4 hours of receipt. Many services have faster reaction times; For personalized response times, you can find on the website of the service catalogue. An incident means any interruption to the normal operation of a service or system. Production means that university staff, teachers and users need a service to accomplish business and academic tasks and objectives. While most buildings are covered by a general agreement on the level of service, some specialized or very large buildings have a custom agreement on the service level contract. You can find them below: ITS offers a variety of services available to the WSU community. Below is a list of STI services that can be included in service level agreements. Our goal is to meet our customer needs; We recognize that the university and its departments are constantly evolving because of changing pressure. With the resources we have at our disposal, we constantly audit our processes to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of the university while ensuring that the service we offer is professional, efficient and inexpensive or in monetary terms. Our goal is to communicate effectively on all these services with the faculties, schools and departments of the university.

We are constantly looking to improve everything we do and how we communicate with the broader university community. The head of the security services is responsible for making the security services available. The office base is located at the back of the Hallward Library. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) documents services` focus on our commitment to our customers. The Office estate provides a number of professional services to the university, including capital development and project management, space management, soil management, repair and maintenance, engineering and utility services, portering, security, household services, transportation, storage and postal services. By using the web, your request will be automatically linked to your department and visible to technicians. The request provided via the web interface is processed during normal operating hours. Using the myIT interface is the most effective way to record and process service requirements. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) reflect our customer-focused, service-based commitment. We are committed to: Here`s how these services are provided on the whole property.

Some buildings have a specific service level statement that is displayed on the site. This document outlines the services provided for unspecified services. Errors on automatic doors are reported to the University Estate Office Helpdesk 16666 or Security a hours on 13013. The Building Department of the Estate Office implements a preventative maintenance contract on all automatic doors and will carry out regular maintenance of these doors and will record. The cleaning team of most buildings starts around 0600 to 0900 (with a few exceptions) with some full-time cleaners offering service in a number of buildings that serve heavily used areas and toilets until late afternoon. Cleaning and house workers also report minor defects on a daily basis that they find in the premises for which they are responsible to their supervisor for their transmission to Helpdesk. In this case, the operating requirement number is retained by the household staff or ba. The complete tasks of the cleaning staff are visible on page 6 next to the frequencies.